Born to absent parents and left in the care of her impoverished grandmother in the slums of Atoliapolis, Camilla's future prospects were bleak. Developing a passion for linguistics in her youth, Camilla fought tooth and nail for the opportunity to pursue higher learning. After abandoning the College of High Arcana for its regressive curriculum and corrupt faculty, Camilla went on to study anthropology. She went on to earn her doctorate and spent years traveling the world, living among various cultures all across Altaeon.

Camilla has travelled to the island of Spathatos to uncover secrets of her heritage that she suspects her grandmother kept hidden from her. To fund her fieldwork, she has aligned herself with the Adventurer's Guild. This has put her in an uncomfortable spot, as the interests of the colonial power funding her project are sure to conflict with the wellbeing of the indigenous elves.


Major Voth Assad

A high ranking officer in the Que Jeth Imperial army, Voth was deployed to Spathatos to combat the Kisaragi. She fought many battles against the rain warriors, woefully uninformed about what exactly the empire's interest in the island was.

Voth's unit languished on the island for years, growing ever smaller with the passage of time. Many died in battle. Many broke away, preferring to live as bandits than to spend their days waiting for backup they knew wasn't coming.

Voth discovered an ancient Que Jeth fortress in the highlands of Spathatos, built long ago to serve as a hub or future conquest. She moved her remaining soldiers in and began working for the adventurer's guild to provide for what remained of her unit.


Lysander Stroud

Once a promising young wizard from the College of Higher Arcana in Atoliapolis, Lysander was recently arrested after briefly taking over the town of Leinbaum in a fit of chroma-induced madness. While awaiting trial, Lysander was beaten to death in his cell.

Lysander managed to escape the underworld (a feat believed to be impossible) and reenter his physical body. Doing so caught the attention not only of Atoliapolis' legal system, but of the church of Tenebris as well. Having violated several laws both mortal and divine, Lysander has fled to the island of Spathatos to escape the wrath of those who would see him dead. Permanently.